Cayenne, Vinegar & Honey : A Daily Dose of Health

Cayene Shots a Daily Dose of Health!


Stopping heart attacks and bleeding are just a couple things that cayenne can do for you. (As if that’s not enough!) Taken every day its a phenomenal tonic for your heart and overall health.  I call these Cayenne Shots as I take them in a shot glass I got at the Dollar store which is the perfect amount.  Taking these “shots” three times a day will work wonders.  I’ll give you details on each item then the directions for making your own shots below.

, or capsaicin which is its official name, like many herbs, can heal a multitude of things, some very dramatically. It can stop a heart attack in its tracks before damage is done and can stop bleeding in less than 60 seconds. (View a video of it doing just that here.)  It’s one of the best herbs to take regularly for heart health. You need to use medicinal grade as explained below.

Apple Cider Vinegar is likewise incredibly beneficial in a variety of ways.  It’s wonderful for reducing acidity in the body which is the cause of many diseases. It’s antibacterial and can also reduce blood pressure and relieve heartburn. The benefits are too many to list. It’s best if you use Bragg’s Apple Cider vinegar for it’s quality.  It’s organic, raw and unfiltered which means it has all of it’s healing qualities  intact. We’ve only used their brand for years for all our cooking and other needs.

Honey is the third super food ingredient in our shots. It’s full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes which boost the immune system and also protect the body against bacteria. It helps cleanse the liver, remove toxins and aids in weight loss to name a few.

Needless to say, the combination of these three super foods is phenomenally beneficial to the body when taken every day.  I LOVE this stuff. When I swallow!thriftstore my dose it wakes me up and gives me energy. I’m not a drinker but I imagine that initially feeling of drinking it might be like a shot of whiskey or some other strong alcohol.







Additional Info On Cayenne

I never go anywhere without having cayenne tincture on me because of the previous stated benefits that it will stop a heart attack and bleeding immediately.  It can literally save a life. As a preventative measure you can take “Cayenne Shots” three times a day. They are very easy to make. Honey, vinegar, water and cayenne.

Generally speaking for healing purposes you want medicinal grade cayenne.  Cayenne is measured by HU (heat units) Typical cayenne is about 20,000 to 45,000 HU. Medicinal grade is 90,000 HU or higher.  However, because these shots use vinegar and honey which are also beneficial to the body you can use typical food grade cayenne. The vinegar will make the medicinal grade a bit hot coming out… if you know what I mean. I only use the 90,000 myself and it does not effect me strongly as I’m used to it.  But if you’re not, just use regular cayenne like you get in the baking section. You will still reap benefits.   You can use the regular for a while and then start working into the medicinal grade once you’ve built up a tolerance.



Cayenne is of course HOT. The medicinal grade is HOTTER. It is not dangerous and in fact is wonderful for healing ulcers… but it will sure burn the bejeebers out of your mouth and take your breath away if you don’t build up slowly to the right dose.   I’ve seen guys do this thinking they were all macho and start at way too high a dose. Baaaaad move. You need to start with a very, very low dose. The standard dose you can work up to is 1 tsp per 2 TB of drink.  Start out at a scant 1/8th teaspoon and increase it SLOWLY every few days.  Even with my high tolerance for heat, when I’ve not taken it for a while I start at the low dose and build up again.

Now it will still be hot. You can chase it with some milk or better yet a healthy milk alternative like soy, rice or almond milk. (Water doesn’t help much.)  You can build up tolerance easily until you get to 1 tsp per dose.  If you hate vinegar you may want to just hold your nose, gulp and chase with a drink. Its beyond worth it for your heart and your health.


Ingredients Needed

  • Ground Medicinal Grade Cayenne (I get mine at Amazon.)
  • Honey
  • Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar (Also on Amazon)
  • Warm Water




FREE PDF of the following instructions. cayenne.shotspdf



I will give instructions for a single dose so you can test the waters with it before making the  larger batch.


  • 2 TB warm water
  • 1 TB apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tsp. honey
  • Cayenne: For just starting out add a scant 1/8th tsp. Slowly build up to the final dosage of 1 tsp if you can over a few weeks time.

 Mix all above well and drink immediately chasing with milk type product if desired.  The warm water helps the honey dissolve quickly. Cayenne does NOT dissolve in water. So mix and drink it fast so it doesn’t separate from the liquid.



Dose is one shot glass or 2TB worth three times a day. Can be kept on the counter for weeks.

  • 2 Cups Bragg’s Vinegar
  • 2 Cups Warm Water
  • 2/3 Cup Honey
  • Cayenne as shown below. Start with 1 TB and increase dose by 1TB each week until you reach 10 TB or 2/3rds a cup for the 32 oz batch. 1 TB.  (Approximately 1/8th tsp per dose.) 2 TB Cayenne (approximately 1/4th  tsp per dose.) 3 TB Cayenne (approximately 1/3rd tsp per dose) 4 TB   etc. increasing each week till you reach 10 TB if you can tolerate it. (2/3rds cup) You MUST shake the bottle before each dose as the cayenne does not dissolve and will  separate from the liquid. (Believe me, you do NOT want swallow a mouthful of just cayenne.) If you decide that the full dose is too much cayenne for you even after slowly increasing by all means cut the above amounts in half. You’ll still get benefits.


blankVisual Steps


Three Ingredients (Plus Water)



This is medicinal grade cayenne which is ultra hot. Only use this if you’ve built up a tolerance. Start with food grade cayenne like you get in the baking section.



When first beginning to take the does start with a SMALL amount of cayenne and slowly work up.



For 32 ounce batch combine all ingredients.



Mix well.



Pour into container.  Remember, the cayenne does not dissolve and will settle to the bottom. You must shake the bottle before each dose.




Cayenne Shots A Dose of Health 3blank








  1. Kelly

    My young adult son had a very bad sore throat with Covid tonight. He has mild autism/Asperger’s and was very squeamish about taking this cayenne mixture. He doesn’t even like milk to drink after, so he followed each sip up with some cheese (going to the store to get ice cream!) He took only about 1.5 tsp but said it actually helped. He saved the rest for later. I also took 2 T and it helped soothe me. Thank you so much for this natural recipe!! It’s a keeper for us now.

  2. I make something like this when I have a sore throat and it helps soothe it. I like the taste, sweet with a bite. Never thought of taking it every day. Found your link via What to do Weekend party. Thanks for sharing this information.


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