Quick Fun Fan Pulls

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If you’ve got ceiling fans in your home there’s no reason you can’t fancy them up a bit with some simple but creative fan pulls. We tested a variety of items and found some worked better than others. Make sure you read the notes to get pointers on the best way to make them for durability.



  • Beads
  • Fimo type clay (that you bake)
  • Wire
  • Jewelry Pieces
  • Heavy string or dark cord
  • Wire cutters




I made all of these pulls using things I already had on hand. . One thing I learned was that these need to be fairly sturdy due to all the tugging that they will experience. The thin clay twisted pull that you see did not hold up well. If you use clay make sure it’s fairly thick and that there is a hole all the way through it.

I also found that sturdy string or cord can hold up much better than thin wire in order to keep your new pulls from popping off the chain. That was the main problem I experienced. They wanted to pop off if pulled too hard. So adapt as necessary and make sure they are attached firmly to the pull chain. You can see from these few I made that you can use a wide variety of things to make some fairly unique fan pulls!

Fan Pulls


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