Planning Inspiration Board Makeover

Creative Wipe Off Planning Board 7


I took an old large wipe off board and gave it a quick makeover. This is where I keep track of what I need to do everyday for my website but it could certainly be used for a multitude of things such as an inspiration board or a family center. With some colorful wipe off markers, a box holder I made myself and some fun things I had lying around already. I created not only a useful item but one I love to look at!



  • Large wipe off (dry erase) board (if its magnetic too, all the better!)
  • Wipe off markers.
  • Printables, quotes, stickers, etc.
  • Washi tape
  • Cereal box
  • Colorful paper
  • POUCH: X-acto type knife, tape, glue, scissors, ruler, heavy duty double sided tape




Optional download sheet with labels to cut and place on your board.label.small



I had an old wipe off board that was not being used. The first thing I did was clean it off. Some of the marks did not want to come off easily. If that’s the case use some rubbing alcohol to remove them easily. NEVER scrub the board with anything abrasive. It will remove the coating it needs to be able to wipe off the markers.

Creative Wipe Off Planning Board 5


Next I chose some Washi tape and put a strip around the entire edge of my board.

Creative Wipe Off Planning Board 9


I used a few of the printable cutouts.

Creative Wipe Off Planning Board 12


I made a pouch to hold my markers and eraser from a cereal box. I just measured it the size I wanted, cut and taped it up then measured and cut some matching scrapbook paper to cover it with. I edged it with my Washi tape.  Creative Wipe Off Planning Board Pocket

Attach the pouch to your board with some heavy duty mounting tape.

Creative Wipe Off Planning Board Pocket Holderblank300x231

I added a few fun things to my board. Quotes, photos, and my Shawn the Sheep. If your board is magnetic you can glue magnets on the back of things and use magnetic holders.

Creative Wipe Off Planning Board 2blank300x231

Creative Wipe Off Planning Board 6blank300x231

Creative Wipe Off Planning Board STEPSblank300x231


  1. This is adorable. I love washi tape and what a great idea to put it around the edges. Also, the printables are fabulous. Thanks for that. I think I will pin this so I can get to them later. We are going to be making our dining room into a shared office for me and my hubby and I love the idea of these on some sort of organization board.


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