No Sew Soft Sleeping Masks (plus sewn version)

No Sew Fleece Sleeping Masks Plus Sewn Version Too

blank11I had some left over fleece from another project (i.e. arm warmers)  and I wanted to use it somehow. This stuff is SO soft and comfortable against the skin that I thought sleeping masks would be a great choice.  I whipped up a basic pattern and had a couple made in no time flat. There are two versions. One is glued with fabric glue or Tacky Glue and the other is sewn.  Read all the details for the glued one as its a little tricky but still simple to do. If you have a sewing machine the other one is faster as you don’t have to wait for glue to dry. But either choice works great! Makes a fun unique gift too!

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Supplies Needed

  • Free pattern download below.
  • Fleece scraps
  • Fabric or Tacky Glue
  • Ribbon for ties
  • Clothespins
  • Sewing machine, needle, thread (for sewed version only)

If you don’t have time to put one of these together you can always buy Sleeping Masks!






Sleep Mask Pattern pdf


Instructions : No Sew Version


IMPORTANT NOTES: Make sure you have a thick bead of glue about 1/3″ inside the edge of the mask. The glue will SEEP THROUGH the material so do it on a piece of foil or wax paper to protect the surface and have it peel off easily.  Use only a TINY amount of stuffing or else the edges will not stay down when glued. To help mine hold while drying I placed clothespins around the edge. These too will stick to the glue as it dries so you may want to move them every couple hours.  Once it dries (8 plus hours) the edges are very stiff from the glue. I trimmed mine carefully and the stiff edges were not felt at all when worn on the face.




Instructions : Sewed Version


NOTE: These are a little bit smaller than the no sew version as you use the same pattern but they still fit great.  Make sure you place your ribbons in before sewing the edges.












  1. Suzie

    I cannot sleep without wearing a mask. Was a day sleeper (night worker) for so many years they were the only thing that helped me sleep.

    One question why use ribbon instead of elastic?

    1. Nancy Author

      Those night shifts can really mess with your internal clock and sleep for sure. I need it pitch black when I sleep. I’ve opted for blackout curtains. I also put black electrical tape over my electronic lights on stuff in my bedroom, other than the clock on my HUSBAND’S side of the bed. I’m serious about my sleep! Ü Thanks so much Suzie for stopping by and commenting!


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