Appreciate a Dragon Day : Fantastic Ideas!

Fun Ways To Celebrate Appreciate A Dragon Day


Yes… there is indeed an official day to celebrate dragons! January 16th of every year is  “Appreciate a Dragon Day“. It’s one of those  observances you might not be aware of unless of course you travel in dragon circles.  We’re big fans of dragons over here so we decided to post a few extra cool ideas we found across the web in honor of the day.  As is typical here at Our Peaceful Planet the ideas are aimed at adults but that doesn’t mean kids can do some of them too! I mean we are  talking dragons here.

 Sew a Sock Dragon

How cute is this little guy? And he’s made from socks! View the full tutorial here.


Do Some Dragon Word Searches

Who doesn’t love a good word search.  Download a pdf of three below. blank11

Listen to Puff the Magic Dragon by Peter, Paul & Mary

Depending on your age this will take you back! If your too young to remember it but love dragons its a MUST listen.


Make a Dragon Bookmark

This tutorial shows you how to fold this nifty little dragon corner bookmark. View complete instructions here.



Grab Some Popcorn

You might already have some dragon videos in your collection. If so this is the day to pull a couple out! If you don’t own any you can always find some to stream online.  Netflix has a great selection if your a member. So does Amazon Video On Demand streaming movies. I’ve linked to some of those below.



Make Your Very Own Dragon Egg

This is our own tutorial which shows how to make this beautiful dragon egg with a foam egg and some thumbtacks!  View full tutorial here.



Print, Color & Assemble This Flying Dragon

Get image here. Save to computer, print, cut, color & assemble.


Download A Free Quote To Hang

This is also from our personal collection. This quote hangs in our home. (pdf)


Make a Dragon Cake

View steps here.


Print & Color These Nice Dragon Drawings

Download Image #1 Here.  Right mouse click on image and save to computer.
Download Image #2 Here. Download button on top right.


Sew a Dragon Hat

The tutorial shows a baby in the example. But the pattern is easily adaptable for any size including adults!  Full instructions here.


Grab a Book

I’ve read dozens of books through the years on dragons my first being The Hobbit. Pull out any that you might have for another read! Below is a link to Amazon books about dragons.

Amazon Dragon Books



Print, Cut & Wear a Dragon Mask

Download printable pattern here.


Put Dragon Wallpaper On Your Computer

I regularly have a dragon as one of my desktop backgrounds. (You see mine below.)

Click here for lots of dragon wallpaper choices.



Play an Online Game With Dragons

There are video games out there that allow you to actually fly on dragons!

World of Warcraft online Game


Wear Something With a Dragon On It

Blatant Advertisement Included:   You can of course find all kinds of t-shirts with dragons on them! This one just happens to be one Roy drew for his online store.



Feel free to pin and share this guy below and encourage others to celebrate this most awesome day!


  1. These are such great ideas! I am also a dragon lover, but I had no idea there was a day to celebrate them. That sock dragon is too cute! 🙂 Found you at the Best of the Weekend link-up.


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