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Our Peaceful Planet 2014 Year In Review2014 was our very first year and it’s been a great one! We’ve found a welcoming home in the blogging community and have been so grateful for all those who have and continue to visit our site to get ideas and inspiration. As we are still growing and finding our footing, there will be changes coming in the future. This year we hope to bring in more green living ideas. Roy is anxious to get going on those as that is a large area of interest for him. So you’ll see him popping in on more and more articles as time goes by.

In the meantime here are some of our more popular posts. We had quite a few that went viral so it was hard to choose which one’s to put in this collage. If you happened to miss any of these the links to each item is below the photo.


Our Peaceful Planet 2014 Year In Review

Kids Gardening Kit

Clothes Pin Ideas (Lots of great ones!)

Simple Arm Warmers

Girly Up Tools

DIY Cold Packs

Smell My Feet Poem & Kit

Dragon Eggs Plus Bell Jar

Gratitude Jar & Cards Activity

CD Bookends

Upcycle Soda Bottle String Dispensor

Pizza Kit

Recipe Binder

Wood Circle Countdown (Lots of wood slice ideas)



(This one is for those who like pinning things with a title. Ü)

Our Peaceful Planet 2014 Year In Review


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