A 47 Year Old Elf & I Wish You A Merry Christmas!

47 Year Old Christmas Elf blank630x20

As with many of you I love this season as much now as I did when I was a child. No matter what time of year it is if I happen to hear a clip of Christmas music it goes right through me literally taking my breath away as it transports me back to my youth and that wonderful feeling that only this holiday seems to evoke.

I’ve had this little guy for many, many  years.  My parents gave him to me for Christmas when I was a child. The first photo I can find with him in it is from 1967 (seen below).  So he’s at least 47 years old.  When I grew up and married he came with me and has held a place in my own families Christmas decor ever since, perching in our tree or some other place of honor every year reminding me of my childhood Christmases.  These are some of the most magical memories I have thanks to my parents who helped make it so. They even purchased a cardboard fireplace to add to the holiday spirit. (We lived in Arizona so fireplaces were a rare commodity.)

From 1995
From 1995 with Our Kids Amy & Adam

I named him “Kris Kringle” when I first got him and have always called him that.  I know that title is one of Santa’s aliases but it just seemed to fit my little elf. Though worn and bedraggled with his beard glued on in places  and his seams coming apart he’s still my favorite Christmas item and will adorn my home every year for as long as I’m here to celebrate the holiday.

Thank you so much for being part of our virtual life. Roy and I have some extra fun stuff planned for this coming year so please visit often (or better yet subscribe in the sidebar!) May you all have a wonderful Christmas no matter how you choose to celebrate it and may the love, kindness and humanity it represents be carried in our hearts through out the year.



kris.kringle.oldMe, Age 9, and  Kris Sitting in our Tree.       Our cardboard fireplace with Kris perched on top.blank630x20




I love how detailed his face is and his laugh lines.




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