Plastic Frame to Post-it Note Holder

Post It Note Holder From Plastic Frame blank630x20

 This is one of those plastic frames that sit on a table or shelf. You can typically find them anywhere including the Dollar Store which is where I got mine.With a minimal of work I turned it into a pretty post-it note holder.  These are so easy to customize to any color you want. As usual I used items I already had on hand. I made two of them, one of which I added a ready made pencil holder things just because I had one lying around.  For the other one I made my own pencil holder with paper which is super simple to do. Use any scrapbook or wrapping paper inserted where the photo would go. You can mix and match pen colors and post-it notes.

We also have a Nuts & Bolts version on our Father’s Day Gift Ideas post.




Cut your background paper to fit the inside of the frame. You can also print a paper with any design you want.
Make your pencil holder by rolling a pencil in paper and gluing as per illustrated.
Glue pencil holder on top of frame as shown.
The post-it notes will stick on the frame but to help keep them in place I added a small bit of hot glue.
Decorate as desired. You can use photos or even glue on items on the front of the frame next to the notes.


Photo Illustration



blank I had a pencil holder I used for one of them. I made a pencil holder for the other one.


To make a quick pencil holder roll up a pencil in paper, glue together then glue onto frame.











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