Quick & Easy Recipe Binder (With Printables)

Quick and Easy Recipe Binder


recipe.binder- 11Are your recipes a mess? I’ve got a simple fix for that. My recipes have been pretty unorganized for a long time. I keep them on my computer in a folder.  However, I’m constantly finding new recipes to try and adding those into the same folder. Needless to say there’s a lot of files in there. When I want to make something I just print out the recipe. I have a drawer jammed full of printed recipes with quite a few duplicates. That’s because when I need one rather than go through the whole stack of printed sheets  I just print it out again. Not a great system.

So I decided to get  a little more organized and put the recipes we use regularly into a binder. I, of course, wanted it to look fun. Having a fair supply of stuff around the house I didn’t have to buy anything. I even made the little sticky out tabs for the page dividers.  I got the idea to make some nifty little matching clothespin recipe holders. I’d been using plain magnets to hold recipes to my metal cupboards.

If you want to use my dividers, labels and tabs I included them as a download along with the instructions.  Or you can make your own dividers easy enough. I also included a conversion chart just as an extra.  I feel pretty good about the end result. And also all the trees I’ll save by not printing the same recipes over and over again.

Make sure to visit our recipe page full of delicious healthy food! We add to it regularly.

Basic Supply List

  • Three Ring Binder with insertable front cover slot.
  • White cardstock. At least 7 sheets depending on the number of categories you have. I kept mine simple.
  • Sheet protectors for divider page sheets and recipes.
  • Colored paper for front insert of binder.
  • Packing tape for covering divider tabs if you make them.
  • Glue for adding RECIPE label to front.
  • Clothespins for holding recipes.
  • To stick clothespins to cupboards use removable Command mounting strips.
  • Thin cut-able magnet sheets can be used for metal cupboards if desired.

free downloadInstructions, divider pages, tabs, label and conversion chart pdf.



How To Make Your Binder

Gather your supplies. Any type of fun paper works on the cover. Or design your own on cardstock!

recipe.binder- 1

Download and print out the pdf at the end of this post if you’re using my dividers and tabs.

recipe.binder- 2

blankCut out the recipe label to glue on the paper trimmed to fit your binder cover.

recipe.binder- 3

blankInsert front cover paper.

recipe.binder- 15

blankMy binder also allowed for a spine insert so I measured that and cut one out of red paper.

recipe.binder- 4blankCut out the divider page tabs. Score them in the center for easier folding and place face down on packing tape. Trim and attach to your main divider pages. I put mine on top.

recipe.binder- 14
blankMake the clothespin recipe holders as shown. Decorate them up however you like!

recipe.binder- 13
blankCompleted binder! I attached my conversion chart inside.

recipe.binder- 8


recipe.binder- 9

recipe.binder- 5

recipe.binder- 6

recipe.binder- 16
My recipe holders in action.recipe.binder- 12




  1. Christie Wilkins

    Nancy. Thanks for all the ideas. I love the close pin magnet idea. I just made recipe books for my children and wished I had seen this before hand.

  2. Jill Davies

    Thank you so much for your ideas and free printables. I am in desperate need of help with organizing my recipes that I have been collecting for 40 years and I am sure that this will be a great help.


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