How To Make a Small Dragon Egg

Everyone loves dragons! You can make this beautiful small dragon egg with a plastic egg, a glue gun and some paint.  It simple!blank630x20

This is are second dragon egg post! The first was a larger version made with a foam egg and thumbtacks.  This is a smaller one in a completely different style.


    • Regular plastic Easter eggs or any plastic egg. ( You could even use silly putty eggs from the dollar store.)
    • Low temp hot glue gun with small nozzle.
    • Fine sand paper. I had a sanding sponge and used that. But any fine paper will work.
    • Black paint, glossy. I used spray paint.
    • Silver paint, glossy. I also used spray paint.
    • Toilet paper or tissue paper for dobbing silver paint on.
    • If you only have flat paint use a gloss spray at the end. It really needs that for the look.


    • Sand the area around the egg  where it opens with fine sandpaper. This helps keep it from showing up especially if it makes a ridge.
    • Using a low melt fine tipped glue gun draw designs on your egg. They do not have to be perfect in any way. Do not worry about the little fine strings that tend to be caused by a glue gun. They add to the appearance.
    • Spray paint egg with black paint. My white eggs had a hole in them which allowed me to place them on a thin stick for spraying. You could also drill a small hole in the bottom for that purpose yourself. Let dry.
    • Spray a puddle of silver spray paint on a paper plate. (This was the only silver paint I had. I’m sure other types would be fine but this worked great.)
    • Take a wadded up tissue and lightly dab on the metallic paint onto the egg. You can go as heavy as you like. It’s really hard to mess these up.

 blankPhoto Instructions


Sand the ridge  down with fine sandpaper where the egg opens. dragon.egg.small-1


With a low temperature smaller tipped glue gun (if possible) draw on designs. You do not have to be a skilled artist. (I am most definitely not.) Don’t worry about the fine strings the hot glue tends to make. Those add to the look of it! dragon.egg.small-2


Spray paint your egg black. If it has no hole you could drill a small one so you can stick it on something for spraying if desired. dragon.egg.small-3

blank blank


Spray a puddle of silver paint onto a paper plate. Other metallic paint would also work. I just used what I had. dragon.egg.small-5


With a tissue dob on the silver paint till it looks how you like. Super easy. dragon.egg.small-6


blank dragon.egg.small-7


The finished egg. (I told you the stringy things  make it look cool!)Everyone loves dragons! You can make this beautiful small dragon egg with a plastic egg, a glue gun and some paint.  It simple!


Display Your Egg Most Awesomely!

I found the perfect way to display your new dragon egg! Make a bell jar case out of a plastic soda bottle! TUTORIAL HERE


Everyone loves dragons! You can make this beautiful small dragon egg with a plastic egg, a glue gun and some paint.  It simple! blank

Both Eggs Displayed In My Library (1st Egg Tutorial)

Everyone loves dragons! You can make this beautiful small dragon egg with a plastic egg, a glue gun and some paint.  It simple!



  1. Nancy — I don’t know when you posted this, but with your earliest comment shown in 2015 and now it’s 2024 . . . and this project is going strong. I love your ideas. This dragon egg idea is simple and great-looking. I was just up visiting with my grandsons and I know they will love doing it. Thanks so much!

    1. Nancy Author

      Thank you so much Gale. Sorry for the delay in response. Some ongoing issues have slowed my activity down on my website for quite a while. I very much appreciate the comment. That particular post was one of my most popular! I still have that egg displayed also! Glad you enjoy the site. I’m still hoping to get back into doing many more posts!
      Nancy Ü

  2. Becky Schindler

    I absolutely love this project. I know my boys will love this. I was thinking what do you think about ,for the girls who are not into dragons, they can make them Unicorn eggs. Paint the eggs white and use pastel colors to dab on the other colors. What do you think? I work with Special Education kids soI would have them draw on the designs. Then I would put on the glue. Or maybe they could do it themselves using puff paint. What do you think?

  3. Gloria Cassavetes

    We are going to do dragon eggs with teen group in March. Thanks for the ideas. One more crafts on a shoe string. We will use up the left over metalic paint we have. One looks like an oil slick. Thanks

      1. Nancy Author

        Hi Pam!
        Sorry for the delay. The links to what we used should be under supplies. This is an older post and I’m afraid the only info I have on what we used is in the instructions and supplies.

  4. Norine Volker

    Great tutorial but did you try any other color than black N silver? Suggestions?
    I tried metallic red, doesn’t look great. Couldn’t find my silver.


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