Whimsical Living Room #7 : Mini Table Revamp

Whimsical Living Room Makeover Mini Table Revamp blank630x20

Jenny at Thrift Store
My Daughter Jennifer at a Local Thrift Shop

When I step into a Thrift Store I always feel like I’m embarking on a treasure hunt. No where else can you find such an array of the strange and unusual. I came across this small old accent table at one for $5.00. It was kinda rough looking but I try hard to never judge a book by its cover. A tiny bit of sanding and paint would it fix right up. I actually didn’t know where I was going to put it when I found it.

This was a pretty simple makeover. A little sanding on top and spray paint on the legs. I painted the bottom an orange tone, which was part of the colors in my living room. Then I painted the top a contrasting cream color. I had finally settled on placing it below my Family Time Zone wall (post 8 in this series).  Because of this, I decided to print out a compass image for the top of it. I attached it to the top with a little spray glue. Normally I would coat it with Modge Podge but as I wanted the option to possibly do something different at a later date, I didn’t coat the top. Its mainly for show anyway.

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small table makeover



thrift store table makeover before and after






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